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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by anxiety, feel you experience more anxiety than those around you, or feel anxiety interferes with your day to day life?  Most of us experience anxiety from time to time and in the context of stressful situations, but anxiety can become problematic if it is experienced much of the time, to extreme levels, or if it interferes with our day to day functioning.

Anxiety disorders can manifest in a variety of ways such as feeling anxious much of the time, having difficulty controlling your anxiety, feeling frequently restless or irritable, having difficulty with sleep, having difficulty concentrating, experiencing discrete panic attacks (which can include physical symptoms such as feeling as if your heart is pounding or racing, sweating, shaking, nausea, feeling numb or tingly, and other symptoms such as feeling hot or cold), fearing or experiencing an extreme amount of anxiety related to social situations, or experiencing specific phobias. 

Anxiety that interferes with your ability to perform day to day tasks such as going grocery shopping, participating in social activities, work projects, or school, or prevents you from engaging in your hobbies or goals may be an indicator that it is time to seek help. 

Different anxiety disorders can be treated in different ways and treatment is also often dependent on the severity of symptoms as well as what treatments have been tried in the past.  Frequently medications and psychotherapy are used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Various forms of psychotherapy used to treat anxiety such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, and mindfulness based approaches.

If you are wondering if you are experiencing an anxiety disorder and are interested in treatment, Boulder and Denver area psychiatrist, Dr. Rebecca Dolgin, welcomes you to contact her office to inquire about the possibility of meeting for an evaluation and treatment recommendations for your symptoms.